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Encyclopedia - Airbus H145 / Eurocopter EC145

The EC145 is particularly suited to transporting critically ill patients between hospitals which are far away from each other. Flights over long distances are no problem with its long range of around 700 km (435 miles). Fitted out as a flying intensive care unit it offers ideal conditions for the transport of high-risk patients.

The EC145 is a medium-lift, twin-engine helicopter, which was developed in a co-operation between Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Compared to the prototype design - the BK 117, the EC145 received a new fuselage with a more spacious cabin. Advantages of the new rotor blades on the EC145 are much lower vibration levels and a 25% increase in range. The EC145 is certified for instrument flight and can also be operated at night with either one or two pilots.

The UH-72 is a militarized version of the Eurocopter EC145 and was built by American Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters), a division of EADS North America

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Eurocopter EC145

Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota


Crew : 1 or 2 pilots
Accommodation : 9 troops or 2 stretchers and medical crew


Number Of Engines : 2
Powerplant type : Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 turboshafts
Max Power Rating : 551kW (738shp)


Length : 13.03m (42ft 9in)
Height : 3.45m (11ft 4in)
Main Rotor Diameter : 11.00m (36ft 1in)


Empty Weight : 1,792kg (3,951lb)
Max Take-off Weight : 3,585kg (7,904lb)
Max Useful Load : 1,793kg (3,953lb)


Max Speed At Cruising Level : 145kt (269km/h; 167mph)
Cruising Speed : 133kt (246km/h; 153mph)
Maximum Range : 370nm (685km; 426mi)
Service Ceiling : 4,018.00m (13,182ft)
Vertical Rate Of Climb : 1,600 ft/min (8.13 m/s)

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