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Encyclopedia - Aerospatiale Puma

In the early 1960’s Sud-Aviation began development of a twin-turbine all-weather tactical and logistics transport, the first of two prototypes making its first flight on 15 April 1965. The Anglo-French helicopter agreement which ended on 2 April 1968 gave the UK company Westland Helicopters joint production rights of this helicopter, named the SA 330 Puma.

The Puma’s fuselage is of a conventional all-metal semi-monocoque construction, the engines mounted on top, forward of the main rotor assembly. The main rotor is driven by a gearbox, which combines the output from the engines to the main drive shaft. The tailboom is of monocoque construction and has a five-bladed tail rotor on the starboard side and a horizontal stabilizer on the port side. The landing gear is a semi-retractable tricycle type with twin wheels on each unit.

The Puma has been used in both civilian and military roles. Its twin-engine safety also makes it ideal for offshore transports to oil rigs and ships. Some versions also have filters forward of the air intakes improving its safety in sandy conditions.

Gallery Images

Aerospatiale AS.332B Super Puma


Number Of Engines : Two
Powerplant type : Turboméca Makila IA1 turboshaft
Max Power Rating : 1,400kW (1,877shp)


Height : 4.92m (16ft 1.7in)
Main Rotor Diameter : 15.60m (51ft 2.2in)
Main Rotor Disc Area : 191.13m2 (2,057.4sq ft)
Tail Rotor Diameter : 3.05m (10ft 0.1in)


Empty Weight : 4,200kg (9,259lb)
Max Take-off Weight : 9,000kg (19,842lb)
Internal fuel load : 1,200kg (2,646lb)

Landing Gear

Type : Retractable tricycle type with single-wheel main units and a twin-wheel nose unit
Wheelbase : 4.49m (14ft 8.8in)
Wheel Track : 3.00m (9ft 10.1in)


Max Speed At Cruising Level : 150kt (278km/h; 172mph)
Maximum Range : 334nm (618km; 384mi)
Service Ceiling : 15,090ft (4,600m)
Hover In Ground Effect : 8,860ft (2,700m)

Aerospatiale SA 330J Puma


Country of Origin : France


Number Of Engines : Two
Powerplant type : Turboméca Turmo IVC turboshafts
Max Power Rating : 1,174kW (1,575shp)


Length, Rotors Turning : 18.15m (59ft 6.5in)
Height : 5.14m (16ft 10.5in)
Main Rotor Diameter : 15.00m (49ft 2.5in)
Main Rotor Disc Area : 177.0m2 (1,905.3sq ft)
Tail Rotor Diameter : 3.05m (9ft 11.5in)


Empty Weight : 3,766kg (8,303lb)
Max Take-off Weight : 7,400kg (16,314lb)


Cruising Speed : 138kt (258km/h; 160mph)
Service Ceiling : 15,750ft (4,800m)

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