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Encyclopedia - Bell 222 / 230

The Bell 222 is a twin turbine-powered transport helicopter capable of carrying 8 passengers and a crew of two. The helicopter is manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron of Ft. Worth, Texas, and was certificated by the FAA in August 1979. It was the first commercial light twin-engined helicopter to be built in the United States of America.

Standard features of the aircraft include a 135 cubic foot (3.82m3 ) passenger cabin which provides space for people over 6 feet tall, a 500 lb baggage compartment, provisions for an environmental control system and soundproofing. Besides the standard configuration (the Bell 222A), the helicopter is available in two others: the 222 Executive, which features luxury accommodations, and the 222 Offshore, a craft equipped with a flotation system and auxiliary fuel tanks for operations over water.

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Bell 222


Country of Origin : USA


Number Of Engines : 2
Powerplant type : 2 LYCOMING LTS 101-650C-3
Max Power Rating : 1110 SHP (shaft HP)


Main Rotor Diameter : 477 in (12.12m)
Tail Rotor Diameter : 78 in (1.98 m)
Cabin Volume : 135 cubic feet (3.82 cubic meters)


Max Take-off Weight : 7850 lbs (3560 kg)

Landing Gear

Wheelbase : retractable tricycle layout


Vertical Rate Of Climb : 1600 fpm

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