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Encyclopedia - CICARE 8

The Cicaré 8 is an ultra light two-seat helicopter powered by a Rotax 900 series injected engine. It is built with aeronautical SAE 4130 chrome molybdenum steel and welded in spatial reticulated configuration, ending up with a lightweight and very strong airframe at only 280kg empty weight.

Large areas of windshield give good visibility of the surroundings to the pilot, enhancing the operational safety of the helicopter.

Dual tachometer, Airspeed, Vertical speed, altimeter, Dual fuel tank instrument and Engine Mini EIS with all the information of the engine, essential instruments are included with the base equipment to completely monitor helicopter status. It has the possibility of fitting an optional 7 or 8,5 EFIS.

Low disk loading allows a highly maneuverable and agile helicopter particularly during maneuvers requiring a rapid response. The design of the rotor allows to use all the available power to perform defined maneuvers.

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Country of Origin : Argentina


Number Of Engines : 1
Powerplant type : Rotax EPA R917 Ti
Max Power Rating : 101kW (135hp)


Length : 5.49m (18ft)
Length, Rotors Turning : 6.92m (23ft)
Height : 2.70m (9ft)
Main Rotor Diameter : 6.40m (21ft)
Tail Rotor Diameter : 1.10m (4ft)


Empty Weight : 280kg (617lb)
Max Take-off Weight : 480kg (1,058lb)

Landing Gear

Skid Track : 1.80m (6ft)


Fuel : 95 octane


Max Speed At Cruising Level : 105kt (194km/h; 121mph)
Cruising Speed : 81kt (150km/h; 93mph)
Endurance : 2.5 hrs
Service Ceiling : 4,500.00m (14,764ft)
Vertical Rate Of Climb : 7 m/s - 1400 ft/min

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