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Encyclopedia - Mosquito XET

The Mosquito is one of the worlds lightest manned helicopters that has been designed and developed over the past 10 years to deliver performance, reliability and easy of flight.

The Mosquito is powered by the Compact Radial Engines MZ202, a two stroke, two cylinder engine capable of producing 60hp.

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Mosquito XET


Number Of Engines : 1
Powerplant type : Solar Type 1 Turbine Engine- Model T-62T-2A1
Max Power Rating : 67kW (90hp)


Length : 16ft (5m)
Main Rotor Diameter : 20ft (6m)


Empty Weight : 196kg (432lb)
Max Useful Load : 109kg (240lb)
Internal fuel load : 45 litres (12 US Gal)


Cruising Speed : 70kt (129km/h; 80mph)
Maximum Range : 130nm (241km; 150mi)

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