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Encyclopedia - Robinson R22

The Robinson R22 is one of the most successful helicopters in production today, serving as training, law enforcement, livestock mustering, pipeline patrolling and general aviation platforms. With its large windows and cheap operating costs, the Robinson R22 is an excellent choice in the light helicopter market.

Designed by Frank Robinson in 1973, the Robinson R22 made its first flight on 28 August 1975 and has been in production since October 1979. Powered by a 93kW (124 hp) Lycoming engine, it drives a semi-rigid two-bladed main rotor. No hydraulic assistance is available, and combined with the low-inertia rotor system it gives a very light feel on the controls. Fitted with skids, the Robinson R22 can also be fitted with floats as the Mariner version. The fuselage is of a chromoly steel construction, covered by aluminium and fibreglass.

To date, more than 3,600 Robinson R22's have been built.

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Robinson R22 Beta II


Country of Origin : United States of America
Accommodation : Two


Number Of Engines : One
Powerplant type : Lycoming O-360 air-cooled, carburettor-equipped, piston engine
Max Power Rating : 108kW (145hp) derated to 98kW (131hp) for takeoff and 93kW (124hp) for continuous operation


Length, Rotors Turning : 8.76m (28ft 9in)
Height : 2.64m (8ft 8in)
Main Rotor Diameter : 7.67m (25ft 2in)
Tail Rotor Diameter : 1.06m (3ft 6in)


Empty Weight : 388kg (855lb)
Max Take-off Weight : 621kg (1,370lb)

Landing Gear

Skid Track : 1.93m (6ft 4in)


Cruising Speed : 96kt (178km/h; 110mph)
Service Ceiling : 14,000ft (4,267m)
Hover In Ground Effect : 9,400ft (2,865m)

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