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Encyclopedia - Robinson R44

The Robinson R44, a four seat light civilian helicopter was the next logical step after the very successful R22 two seater for the Robinson Helicopter Company

FAA Type approval for the R44 was achieved in December 1992 where after the first R44 production model was delivered (February 1993).

In 2002 the the Lycoming IO-540 fuel-injected engine was fitted giving more horsepower, increasing the gross weight and increased altitude performance.

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Robinson R44 Raven II


Number Of Engines : One
Powerplant type : Lycoming IO-540 fuel injected 6-cylinder piston engine


Length, Rotors Turning : 11.66m (38ft 3in)
Height : 3.28m (10ft 9in)
Main Rotor Diameter : 10.06m (33ft)
Tail Rotor Diameter : 1.72m (5ft 8in)


Empty Weight : 680kg (1,500lb)
Max Take-off Weight : 1,134kg (2,500lb)

Landing Gear

Skid Track : 2.18m (7ft 2in)


Cruising Speed : up to 117kt (217km/h; 135mph)
Maximum Range : up to 304nm (564km; 350mi)
Initial Climb Rate : Over 1,000ft (305m) per minute
Service Ceiling : 14,000ft (4,267m)
Hover In Ground Effect : 8,950ft (2,728m)
Hover Out Of Ground Effect : 7,500ft (2,286m)

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