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Encyclopedia - Sikorsky S-55

The S-55 was a carrier borne or shore based Anti-Submarine or Utility helicopter. It was of all metal construction. The S55 was equipped for two pilot operation, although one pilot and one crewman/hoist operator were normally carried on search and rescue (SAR) missions. Depending on fuel load, provision could be made in the main cabin for six seats or five stretchers. The primary item of airborne rescue equipment was a BREEZE Company hoist with a 600 pound lift capacity. If, for any reason, the rescue crewman was required to assist a victim on the ground or in the water, the pilot in the right hand seat could operate the hoist from the cockpit. In either event the hoist had to be grounded, well clear of the victim, in order to discharge static electricity thus preventing the possible ignition of fuel and oil which could be in the area. An electrically operated guillotine was available to the pilot or crewman to sever the hoist cable should it become fouled. The helicopter could also be fitted with an external sling which permitted the carrying of up to 2000 lbs. of external cargo.

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Sikorsky S-55C


Crew : Two
Country of Origin : United States of America


Number Of Engines : One
Powerplant type : Pratt & Whitney R-1340-3 9-cylinder radial piston engine
Max Power Rating : 520kW (700hp)


Fuselage Length : 12.87m (42ft 3in)
Height : 4.06m (13ft 4in)
Main Rotor Diameter : 16.16m (53ft)


Empty Weight : 2,245kg (4,950lb)
Max Take-off Weight : 3,272kg (7,200lb)


Max Speed At Cruising Level : 88kt (163km/h; 101km/h)
Maximum Range : 350nm (648km; 403mi)
Initial Climb Rate : 700ft (213m) per minute
Service Ceiling : 10,500ft (3,200m)

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