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Encyclopedia - Schweizer 333

The Schweizer 330 and 333 are turbine-powered developments of the Schweizer 300 light piston-powered helicopter. As of 2007, only the Schweizer 333 remains in production. In February 2009, the 333 was rebranded as the Sikorsky S-333.

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Schweizer 333


Crew : 2


Number Of Engines : Rolls Royce 250-C20W 209kW (280shp)


Length : 7.76m (26ft)
Length, Rotors Turning : 9.40m (31ft)
Height : 11.14ft (3.4m)
Main Rotor Diameter : 27.51ft (8.39m)
Tail Rotor Diameter : 1.30m (4.25ft)


Empty Weight : 567kg (1,250lb)
Max Useful Load : 1300 lbs

Landing Gear

Skid Track : 1.99m (7ft)


Max Speed At Sea Level : 120nm (222km; 138mi)
Max Speed At Cruising Level : 105kt (194km/h; 121mph)
Maximum Range : 310nm (574km; 357mi)
Service Ceiling : 13,000ft (3,962m)
Vertical Rate Of Climb : 1,500fpm

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