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Encyclopedia - Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane

In the 1950's the need for a heavy lift helicopter was recognised from the need to evacuate larger military equipment from the battlefield. The Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane was developed as an American twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter. powered by twoo 3,020kW Pratt & Whitney turboshaft engines. It is the civil version of the United States Army's CH-54 Tarhe. The S-64 Skycrane is currently in production by the Erickson Air-Crane company.

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Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane


Crew : Pilot, Co-pilot plus one rear-facing observer


Number Of Engines : 2
Powerplant type : 2 × Pratt & Whitney JFTD12-4A (T73-P-1) turboshaft engines, 4,500 shp (3,555 kW) each


Length : 21.41m (70ft 3in)
Height : 5.67m (18ft 7in)
Main Rotor Diameter : 21.95m (72ft 0in)
Tail Rotor Diameter :


Empty Weight : 8,724kg (19,233lb)
Max Take-off Weight : 19,050kg (41,998lb)

Landing Gear

Type : Tricycle


Max Speed At Sea Level : 109kt (202km/h; 125mph)
Cruising Speed : 91kt (169km/h; 105mph)
Maximum Range : 200nm (370km; 230mi)
Vertical Rate Of Climb : 1,330 ft/min (6.75 m/s)

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